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From: matt rogers
Subject: 8 Ballin'You know the legal stuff and it all applies. Names have been changed to
protect those involved.8 Ballin'My name Matt I am now 23 but what happened on a summer afternoon when I was
15 changed my life for good.I was an early bloomer I had sex with a girl at the age of 14 and was quite
popular with the ladies. However I was very curious what it would be like
to be with young gallery a guy. The guy I had in mind was my friend John. At the time I
was 5'9 145; I have Blonde hair and Babyblue eyes 6" cut. My friend John
was 17 y/o 6' 165 Blonde and Blue. I was not attracted to any other guys
except him. He too had been with a few girls by that time. He came over
in the afternoon and as usual we played pool. We were very competitive
with each other and always had money on the game.I had already owed him $25 on that day and knew I had no way of paying him.
So I said " All right if you win this one I will kiss your ass." He agreed
and quickly beat me. It was time to pucker up. Inside I was happy I
lost. He bent over and I kissed his young school boys sweet ass through his shorts. "Double
or nothing with your shorts down". OOO darn I lost and kiss his partially
hairy ass cheek."OK there is no way you'll beat me again if you win I will lick your ass
for 5 seconds," I said. Once again he beat me. Being as competitive as
was he was game. I licked his ass for 5 seconds. I was in heaven. He said
it was the hot young guys best thing he had ever felt.The betting continued only increasing the amount of time I had to lick his
ass. Eventually it was up to a minute. Then he said " you really don't
mind do that?" I replied, "No I don't. I nubile young schoolgirl
don't taste anything." Bravely he
countered will you continue to do it for me while I jerk off." Trying to
hide my enthusiasm and eagerness I said,"No sure I will"He pulled down his pants and this was the first time I had seen another
cock up close. His was roughly 7" cut but very thin. He laid down on his
back and raised his legs high. I dove nonnude young teen right in. Savoring every moment I
hungrily eat his ass. Soon I heard the distinctive sound of him jerking
off. youngest boys underground His hand was slightly hitting the top of my head.This continued for at least 10 minutes I thought he would never cum.
Finally being totally caught up in the moment I looked up and noticed his
eyes were shut tightly. This was my time to seize the opportunity. Slowly
I licked up to the base of his balls. His body youngest tgp porn
shuttered but did not
resist. He looked down momentarily in appreciation and went back to having
his eyes shut tightly. Now I was lapping his balls as if I were a hungry
cat who had not had any milk for a week.I knew he was enjoying it but I still was still wondering what was going
through his head. After a minute of licking his slightly hairy balls, nubile young schoolgirl
knew I wanted his cock in my mouth. Yet I was afraid of what he would do,
so I continued licking his balls while pumped away at his cock.Finally, I could feel his balls begin to tense up. To my surprise he
stopped jerking off. I thought he was going to leave and our friendship
would be ruined. Instead he opened his eyes and said" Will you suck it for
me." This was music to my ears. Without a word I quickly took his tool in
my mouth. I had received a few blowjobs and knew what I enjoyed so I tried
my best to so the same. Since his cock was rather thin I was able to take
most of it in my mouth without gagging.Within a minute I could taste his precut. MMMMM. All of a sudden he said
"I am about to cum" thinking I would take his cock out of my mouth. No way
I had gone this far and there was no turning back He gave me my warning and
within seconds I felt a hot jet stream of cum shoot down my throat. He
shot at least young amateur blondes
five times and I hungrily swallowed as much as possible.
Some slid out of my mouth and on to his balls and more was on my face.
Soon his rock hard cock was softening in my mouth.He laid there in ecstasy for a minute or so silent. I also sat silent
awaiting his reaction. He got up and went to the bathroom without a word.
When he came out he thanked me and acted as if nothing happened. He left
for home and we went out that night without ever mentioning what had
happened.I knew it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me but
figured it was a one shot deal. That was until the phone rang the next day
at lunchtime. It was John after a quick greeting he said "Can I come over
to play pool today?" I just smiled and said "I will be waiting"
There will be many more parts to this story as we he became more dominant,
eventually there was some crossdressing invovled and the addition of a few
new partners. Any comments or if you would just like to correspond with
the author email me at
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